Romantic Couples Massage (charged per person – CHOOSING THE MASSAGE TREATMENT of your choice – in the same room, at the same time – with two therapists). This is an “event” which will weave your spirits together.

Romantic Couples Massage ~~~ Swedish massage with steam towels and hot stones on the face, limbs, and back ~ the ultimate in full body relaxation! $75/$130/$185 ~~~~~~ 30/60/90 min

Swedish Massage ~~~ Enjoy our classic full body massage that encompasses all major muscle groups – perfect for reducing stress, relieving tension, easing pain and improving circulation. $65/$110/$165 ~~~~~~ 30/60/90 min

Majic Maui Hot Stones ~~~ The crescendo of relaxation – by incorporation smooth hot Basalt stones in the massage, tension will melt away as the stones penetrate the body gently at a deeper level to bring total peace and release to your mind, body and spirit by improving circulation, eliminating toxins and restoring energy.
$70/$120/$175 ~~~~~~ 30/60/90 min

Deep Tissue Massage ~~~ Reward your muscles with a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of the tissues to release chronic tension through slower strokes and direct penetrating pressure or friction applied across the muscle grain. $75/$120/$175 ~~~~~~ 30/60/90 min

Lymph Drainage Massage ~~~ To the person who wants to be “in-shape” again – this special treatment will put you on the path of recovery from the pitfalls of “eating on the run” and little or no exercise. Let us treat you with careful tissue manipulation and toning strokes which direct accumulated body fluid to its rightful place! Not to be seen again. ~ $120/$175/$220. ~~~~~60/90/120

Haleakala Blitz Massage ~~~ from a 12,000 foot mountain top to the soothing silky sands of the Hawaiian beaches, this high contrast massage will maximize blood flow as never before to eliminate toxins which enhances energy to an elevated level – utilizing contrasting Hot and Cold Basalt Stones – blood vessels are expanded and constricted alternately. The result is vibrant skin tone so you feel like you have conquered a mountain and the ocean waves all at the same time. $75/$120/$175 ~~~~~ 30/60/90 min

Soft Wave Hula Percussion Massage ~~~ light or strong tapping or pounding (depending on one’s preference) This massage sends an all-over sensation of blood rushing to the surface of your skin – the absolute best in nerve toning. Ideal for those who have to cope with nerve wracking situations. The tapping or pounding is followed by long sweeping gentle strokes to totally calm you. $65/$110/$165 ~~~~~30/60/90 min

Aromatherapy “Rain-Drop” Massage ~~~ True aromatherapy massage utilizes the full potential of pure botanical extracts with a very specialized massage technique called “rain-drop therapy”, drawn from the traditions of both East and West – concentrating on the back, scalp, neck, shoulders, face and feet – incorporating various essential oils according to the preferece and needs of the individual. $70/$120/$175 ~~~~~30/60/90 min

Tandem Massage ~~~ Two massage therapists working on one person simultaneously for the absolute in losing yourself in another worldly dimension. Your choice of the massage technique. $125/$210/$315 ~~~~~30/60/90 min

Prenatal Massage ~~~ Designed to relax and ease tension – this Swedish massage helps Mom with joint stress, achy feet, hips and lower back and will reduce swelling which helps to regain proper posture. (Cannot be performed until after the first trimester.) $75/$120/$175 ~~~~~ 30/60/90 mi