Aloha Spa Packages


A TASTE OF SPA ~~~ Starting the relaxation with your choice of a 30 min. Lanai Sea Salt Scrub or a 30 min. Brown Sugar Island Body Buff, followed by a 30 min. Majic Maui Hot Stone Massage and then the finishing touch – a 30 min. Natural Face Lift Treatment or a 30 min. Sinus and Allergy Treatment. $180.00 ~~~~~ 90 minutes Choose a one hour Majic Hot Stone Massage to excentuate the experience. $230~~~~~2hours

ESSENTIAL WELL BEING THE HAWIIAN WAY ~~~ Three of our relaxation and beauty treatments: Natural Face Lift Treatment with your choice of a Botanical Essence(30 min.), 60 minute Swedish Massage with hot towels, followed by our Aloha Signature Spa Pedicure. ~ $240.00 ~~~~~ 2 1/2 hours

ORCA BODY SCRUB & HOT STONE COMBO ~~~ Enjoy the seasonal scents of a 60-minute full body scrub (using your choice of Brown Sugar or Sea Salt) followed by 60 minutes of our Majic Maui Hot Stone Massage and to leave you totally tranquil and soothed, 30 min. of our Chinese Foot Soak will give the finishing touch to make you float in a heavenly place.$220~~~~~ 2 hours Add a 30 min. Natural Face Lift Treatment. ~ $275.00 ~~~~~ 2 1/2 hours

FIELD OF DREAMS RAPTURE ~~~ A uniquely rewarding combination of therapies: Your choice of the Lucious Lavender Body Wrap or the Tropical Hawiian Body Wrap with a mini facial and foot massage, followed by our Tropical Big Island Pedicure and our Tropical Palm Manicure to put you in dreamland! ~ $235.00 ~~~~~ 2 1/2 hours
Add a 1 hour Majic Maui Hot Stone Massage to complete the dream-like effect ~ $345.00 ~~~~~ 3 1/2 hours

THE MOST MAJICAL SPA DAY ~~~ A full day entirely devoted to your complete renewal and rejuvenation ~ start the full polishing affair with our Mud Treatment Therapy (or your choice of a Body Wrap) which includes a mini Facial and Foot Massage, next a Brown Sugar Body Buff (30 min.) will make your skin so smooth you will be amazed. Then to completely relax you, a one hour Platinum Package Massage with hot stones and hot towels will then be followed by our Avocado Adventure Pedicure and our Aloha Signature Manicure. ~ $475.00 ~~~~~ 4 1/2 hours
Add a Natural Face Lift Treatment to make the “Majic” shine where it counts ~ $525.00 ~~~~~ 5 hours