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Facial Treatment

FACIAL TREATMENTS (for Men as well as Women)


Using cool and warm basalt stones, this facial is designed specifically to lessen the impact of dryness and sun damage. It infuses the skin with intense moisture, while improving the skin's ability to retain texture and resiliency. Your skin will be beautifully restored. $120~~~~60 min.

A sensory journey in which you choose the aromatic elixir to blend into a custom facial. Health and vitality are restored to the skin with our botanical skin care line designed for specific skin types. This treatment replenishes the skin, incorporating deep cleansing exfoliation and detoxification that delivers immediate results. 110 ~~~~ 60 min.

Purifying facial with face, neck, shoulders, arm, and hand massage based on traditional European deep cleansing techniques, this treatment begins with a stimulating massage to help remove toxins from your tissues. Your face will be cleansed with sulfate-free cleansers, toned with bio-active floral waters and gently exfoliated to remove dull surface cells. You will be rehydrated with a masque chosen for your individual skin. Good for all skin types. $120~~~~ 50min.

Our most advanced rejuvenation treatment. With the latest anti-aging technologies, this treatment is a person’s best friend. MICRODERMABRASION reactivates cellular metabolism and simulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging and promoting a more youthful complexion. $65 ~~~~ 30 min.

Our most advanced rejuvenation treatment. With the latest anti-aging technologies, this treatment is a person’s best friend. MICRODERMABRASION  reactivates cellular metabolism and simulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging and promoting a more youthful complexion. Your skin is refreshed and plumped using a professional strength peel customized for your skin type by your esthetician, with a choice of Alpha Beta, Lactic, Glycolic, or Enzyme Peels - Ideal for aging and environmentally damaged skin. $110 ~~~~~ 50min. (With following add-on $170~~~90min.)

ADD ANTI AGING FACIAL - This treatment addresses uneven skintone and signs of aging - Ideal for skin that suffers from sun damage, hormonal fluxuations or acne. Powerful antioxidants are infused into your skin, followed by a soothing hydrating masque with pigment - correcting boosters.  For just the anti-aging facial it is $80~~~~~40min.

Using a professional strength chemical peel customized for your skin type, along with extractions, this specialty treatment removes dead skin cells, increases cellular regeneration to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles creating a more even skin tone to increase the clarity of your skin. Essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients fortify tired looking skin for a smoother looking complexion.                 $120 ~~~~ 50min.

A quick basic facial that steams, cleanses, tones, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin incorporating one of our custom chemical peels. You’ll feel instantly fresh and brilliant. $70~~~~~ 35min.

Beginning with an evaluation of your skin followed by exfoliation and cleansing, an anti-oxidant hydrating masque will leave your skin with a soft, clean glow. A neck and shoulder massage along with specialized moisturizers, will enhance the treatment leaving you with a radiant, more youthful complexion.                   $115 ~~~~ 50min.

NATURAL FACE LIFT ~~~ Begins with manipulation of the facial muscles with the use of natural oils and creams, contrasting hot and cold applications increasing skin tone with Basalt stones, drawing out impurities with hot towels then a reapplication of a natural toning lotion to defy those resistant wrinkles and restore that youthful glow!
(This is not an actual "facial" which requires an ecstheticians liscense). $55/$95 ~~~~~~ 30/60 min

SINUS AND ALLERGY FACIAL TREATMENT ~~~ Work on the sinus cavities of the face with focus on pressure points, massage and draining of the lymph nodes using contrasting hot, cold and steam to relieve sinus pressure, drain mucous and give renewed tone to the whole sinus structure so that the body can use its own defense system more effectively will make you feel like a whole new you! $55/$95 ~~~~~~ 30/60 min.

EYE LASH EXTENSIONS $120 ~~~~50min. (With the following add-on $160~~~75min.)

ADD A REVITALIZING EYE FACIAL - To strengthen and refresh lashes and brows using a revitalizing lash fortifier - incorporating vitamins, peptides and natural plant extracts to help boost the circulation of the hair follicles for longer lashes and well defined brows. This treatment can also be added to any facial. $50 ~~~ 25min.

MAKE UP - Wow your partner with a most sublime appearance using state of the art make up which will reveal the most positive aspects of the real you. $100~~~50min.

HAIR UPDO - Our esthetician will follow your every want. $85 ~~~~~ 50min.


Eye Brows  $20~~~10min. Legs $70 ~~~ 35min.  Chest $50 ~~~ 25min.
Lips $20~~~ 10min. Arms $50~~~ 25min. Bikini $50~~~ 25min.
Chin $20~~~ 10min. Back $50~~~ 25min.

Brazilian $80~~~40min.

EAR CANDLING ~~~~~~$50/30 min

Therapies for "HIM"

ENERGIZING EQUALIZING "Silver Sword" FACE TREATMENT-----------$95/50 min

This remedy for dry or razor burned skin bathes the face in moisture, tones the muscle and cell structure of the face with contrasting hot and cold - then binds the moisterizer to the skin where it shows for all the world to see!

Designed specifically for men's skin, this deep cleansing treatment effectively clears clogged pores, removes unsightly dead skin cells, reduces ingrown hairs, and reduces irritated skin conditions. We incorporate the traditional barber hot towel technique for the ultimate facial treatment experience.

EXHILLARATING SPORTS HAND TREATMENT -----------------------------$45/30 min
Relax to the max with a self-heating compress of our unique thermal Maui mud. Our signature Maui mud produces an invigorating and warm effect the moment it touches your hands! Once the mud masque is removed, a cold salt water plunge is then contrasted by an indulgent warm oil hand and arm massage.

COOL GEL LAVA FLOW FOOT TREATMENT-------------------------------$45/30 min
A refreshing cool gel masque with a combination of menthol and Tiger Balm will cool and soothe hot, tired, swollen legs and feet after an application of hot and and then contrasting cold towels. Excellant for Diabetics. The treatment is finished off with a refreshing foot and calf massage which moisturises and invigorates.

EXECUTIVE TIGER WOODS  PEDICURE-----------------------------------$75/50 min
Take off your walking shoes and let the ritual begin. Bring feet back to life with a wonderful scrub - feet are then soaked, cuticles perfected, and nails are reshaped,
buffed, then polished to be followed by an extensive cooling moisturizing massage. Your feet will be up to par in no time.

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